Deliberate // Discuss. Understand. Act.

Why use Deliberate?

Deliberate is an independent consultancy that works alongside clients to address decision-making needs within their business. Being a small company eliminates any potential conflict of interest with the outsourcing of major projects. Over 20 years of experience across a range of industries, both in New Zealand and internationally, are drawn upon. This includes work with both Central and Local Government agencies, as well as management level experience in alliance contracting.

Deliberate's track record in collaborative project environments is strong. Excellent people skills and strong intuition when working to identify and understand the challenges and opportunities of a project are key competencies.

The Deliberate approach draws heavily on systems thinking, allowing connections to be drawn between issues or elements of a project or problem that may not have been previously obvious. This helps to build the context of the project and any subsequent action.

With a passion for collaboration and a commitment to achieve better results together, Deliberate wants to add value to your business.

Justin Connolly, Deliberate Consultant/Director

Client Profile

Deliberate works with local councils, government departments, crown research institutes and other technical organisations in the field of complex problems. We have a track record of working across environmental and urban issues, working with such functions as planning, science, engineering, economics, community engagement and more.


Masters of Management, The University of Waikato, 2017

The Art of Facilitation – Stage 1, Zenergy Global

Certificate in Public Participation, International Association for Public Participation

Bachelor of Arts, The University of Auckland